We supply the following types of accessories:

Chisels / Cutters

Rivet Buster Pioneer
Chipping Hammer Pioneer
Breaker Chisels Pioneer
Rock Drill Bits, Drill Steel Pioneer
Annular Cutters & Pilots Hougen, Nitto Khoki
Hole Saws CS Unitec

Hand Tools

Combo Wrenches Jet, Snap-On Industrial
Levels Jet
Plate Jet, Tigrip 

Electric Accessories

Extension Cords CEP, Lind
Explosion Proof Cords & Lights Lind
GFI’s CEP, Lind
Light Strings CEP, Lind
LED Lights CEP, Lind
Spider Boxes CEP
Trouble Lights CEP, Lind


Impact Sockets Ozat, Jet, Snap-On Industrial
Chrome Sockets Jet, Snap-On Industrial
Explosion / Spark Proof CS Unitec
Chisels and Tools CS Unitec


In-Line Oilers ASL
Filters, Lubricators, Separators Michigan Pneumatic
Air Tool Oil SuperLube


Whip Hose Assemblies Made to Order
Hydraulic Hose Assemblies Made to Order
Cable Puller Cable Assemblies Made to Order
Air Tugger Cable Assemblies Made to Order

We also rent several of the above accessories.