Lifting Equipment

We sell the following types of lifting equipment, repair parts and their accessories:

Industrial Equipment

Comealongs Kito, Jet
Chainfalls (Manual) Kito, Jet
Chainfalls (Electric / Air) Kito, Jet
Cable Pullers Tirmaster, Tirfor
Air Tuggers IR, San-Ei Seiki
Beam Trolleys Kito, Jet
Beam Clamps Kito, Tractel, Jet
Stop Blocks Tirmaster, Tirfor
Machine Skates Hilman
Air Bags MatJack
Plate Clamps Tigrip, Renfroe
Mechanical Jacks Simplex
Cable Assemblies Made to Order
  • We load test and repair all types of rigging up to 20 tons in house. We load test air tuggers up to 20,000 lbs.
  • We sell reconditioned lifting equipment, all complete with up-to-date load test reports.
  • We also rent all of the above rigging, complete with load test reports.