Air Tools

We sell the following types of air tools, repair parts and their accessories:

Construction Tools

Chipping Guns Michigan Pneumatic, Sullair, APT
Rivet Busters Michigan Pneumatic, Sullair, APT
Rock Drills Michigan Pneumatic, Sullair, APT
Paving Breakers Michigan Pneumatic, Sullair, APT
Air Auggers Michigan Pneumatic, IR
Air Mag Base Drills CS Unitec
Air Diaphram Pumps Wilden

Industrial / Automotive Tools

Impact Guns – Industrial IR
Impact Guns – Automative IR
Needle Scalers IR, Michigan Pneumatic, Nitto Kohki
Grinders IR, Michigan Pneumatic, Eagle
Scalers Aurand, IR, Nitto Kohki, Michigan Pneumatic
Reciprocating Saws CS Unitec
Assembly Tools IR
Air Motors IR

Air Tool Accessories

Whip Hose Assemblies made to order
In-Line Oilers ASL
Air Tool Oil SuperLube
  • We sell reconditioned air tools.
  • We also rent all of the above air tools and their accessories, fully tested before each rental.